Culture, Language and Educational Centre

Our Classes

All our classes are tailored by level, not by age.

Every person learns at different levels and pace. So please don’t worry too much if you or your 

child is sharing the class with older or younger students.

We suggest you the level that we believe is best for you.

Most of the time we have mixed classes (two levels on the same class).

We have found that these classes enrich our students giving them the confidence to speak and communicate better, and they also have a positive challenge to improve themselves.

Our teachers have the experience to guide every student as individual covering everybody’s needs.

Small groups

We like to have small groups; our maximum number is 10 students per class.

Therefore teachers will be able to give each student the attention that they require plus the group dynamics and learning from each other is better.

We need at least 4 people enrolled per group, if the numbers are not reached; we would have to cancel the class.

Materials required for the class

When required, we ask you to buy our special book/booklet that last approximately 2 to 4 terms. 

Price of books/booklets are at time of purchase.

Homework is not compulsory, however we highly recommend you to complete the task.

The more you practice the better!

We have different options to suit everybody.

We are happy to answer any question or suggestion.

Please don’t hesitate in contact us.