Culture, Language and Educational Centre

Individual classes for people with a busy agenda,

We schedule these classes according to your business/family agenda therefore you don’t miss any 

classes. (online option available)

Family classes

This classes are specially designed to cover your family needs, where all the members of your family can learn Spanish at the same time. ( online option available)

Intensive programme for adults

This programme runs for a whole week, one or two hours every day, can be individual or in a group. This programme suits people that are going to travel soon and they need a boost in their Spanish. It is amazing how much you can learn in this programme. (online option available only in individual intensive programme)

Online Classes

This class is designed for individuals or families that want to continue with their Spanish lessons, but they move far away from Palmerston North. We have different Online Options:

1st Option: one worksheet a week, plus audio, plus 2 or 4 Skype 1/2 hour sessions.

2nd Option: Any individual class via Skype, 30, 45 or 1 hour classes.

3rd Option: Intensive programme, 1 or 2 hours daily for a week

Online Classes are limited to availability.

Please ask us for availability.