Culture, Language and Educational Centre

In our Individual Classes you have the opportunity to learn at your own pace.

We design the classes especially for you, your interests and level.

We have private classes for children and adults.

Your teacher will help you through your learning and she will be able to answer

all the questions and special request you might have.

The venue and time of your private classes can be arranged to suit you and

your teacher.

Policy for individual classes:

Individual classes are paid in advanced (10 classes at a time)

If students need to cancel a class, they need to contact their teacher or email to MiCasa 24hrs 

before the class to notify about the cancellation.

If students notified 24hrs before their class, they can have a catch up class.

catch up classes are organised between the teacher and students to a convenient time, place and 

date for both. If the student didn't notify about the cancellation 24hrs before the class, 

there is not catch up class available, and the class is taken as paid for.