Culture, Language and Educational Centre

We have beginners, Intermediate and advanced levels.

All level have Grammar and Conversation classes

Grammar classes

covered all the grammar, writing and reading. In this class you will learn all the rules of the language and how to use it.

Conversation classes

These classes are specialised to give you the confidence to speak and communicate in Spanish. We recommend you to have this class in addition to your normal class. We have conversation classes for children and adults and we also have beginners, intermediate and advanced conversation classes. In this class you will have the opportunity to use all the vocabulary that you already know to have a conversation. Your teacher will guide you; but you will be the main protagonist.

plus each teacher adds their own Spanish style and fun to every class.

NOTE: Beginners class is a mix of students with cero Spanish and students with just very basic Spanish. Beginners classes can last 2 or 3 terms depends on each student. Teachers know how to guide you and make you feel confident to reach your goal.